Enter the Secret Garden

Through the hidden trails of Mosswood Forest, nestled between a couple of old oaks, rests the familiar, delightfully complex home of the Hedge Witch.

The Hedge Witch keeps beehives in the meadow near her home, & tends a bustling kitchen garden right outside her door.

Around back, through the stone gate, you will find the Secret Garden.

Paths meander among shrubs, grasses, & beautiful trees. The rainbow of flowers & sparkling butterflies keeps your attention dancing.

Strategically placed stumps & benches slow your stroll. Sit & enjoy the moment.

The gentle hum of bees & echo of birdsong slowly releases your shoulders, & lightens your head. You look up, around, breathe deep, & relax.

A hint of a melodic flute music reaches your ears. You follow it around & round, over a bridge, under a great oak. Wisdom seeps from the ancient bark. The branches glitter in the golden sunshine. The leaves whisper forest secrets.

You have arrived at the Gathering of the Flower Fairies. They have been calling to you.

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