About Earth Berry Apothecary

Are you looking for unique, nontoxic, long burning candles that don’t fill your walls with soot?

Do you want to be a little enchanted by your morning shower?

Or transform your bath tub into a natural hot springs & secret oasis? Are you craving a magical getaway?

If you're looking to treat yourself or someone else you love to some artisan self care products designed to enhance imagination, meditation, massage, calm stretches, reading by crackling wood wick candle light, and opulent baths, you have found the right place. Nature and story lovers especially.

Earth Berry Apothecary lights up the night with glowing candles, some that even crackle like your own mini campfire. Luxurious soap that feels amazing on your skin, and bath bombs so exquisite we call them elixirs.

When you twist the lid off a clean-burning soy candle, or suds up with a handcrafted soap, you may experience a special sort of moment. Scent is a powerful holder of memories. Earth Berry Apothecary specializes in evocative aromas that often bring our customers somewhere nostalgic, somewhere special.