Greetings, traveler.

Elena Bozzi Ardagna, founder of Earth Berry Apothecary, in Renaissance attire


My name is Elena Bozzi Ardagna, founder of Earth Berry Apothecary. This is my love song to the natural world.

I grew up exploring the forests and lakes of beautiful Michigan. The leafy trees and murky waters held wonders and treasures that strengthen and shape a young imagination. I made potions of leaves and cottonwood seeds, and read books in the apple tree. I was never far from a pile of books, always greeting the bronze bear statue in front of the local library like an old friend.

To this day, the forest is my happy place. I find strength among the trees, patience among the moss, and belonging. The forest heals and lifts my heart. When I’m not working on creating scents that celebrate nature and the cozy things in life, or in the forest, I’m in the garden planting for bees, butterflies, and my baby. So, we have lots of berry plants.

I wanted our home scents and our skincare products to be completely safe for my family, without the wonky chemicals that are in so many conventional products. And I wanted each item to carry a smile and some wonder, to celebrate nature, stories, and imagination. And I am thrilled to share them with you.

I’ve dabbled in various endeavors over the years. Barista. Book seller. Various greenhouses, flower farms, landscaping, and freelance gardening. Herbalist. Writer. Middle school teacher of science, english, creative writing, mindfulness, STEM, and a few more. That was a busy chapter of life. I've collected many, many hats over the years. They've all proven useful in starting a successful small business.

Thanks for being a part of the Earth Berry journey. I am incredibly grateful that you’re here. I hope you find some nostalgic and new favorite aromas. I hope you smile and maybe even laugh with the stories that come with them. I hope to help inspire, remind you of your beautiful sparkle if you ever forget, as others have done for me. I walk in gratitude always.

Be well,

Elena Bozzi Ardagna

Earth Berry Apothecary

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