Who is the Hedge Witch?

The boundary between the wild forest and comfortable home is especially dense with diverse plants and interesting stones. This liminal space is where the Hedge Witch works, gathering herbs, listening deeply to nature, connecting to hearth and home.

She is also, rather appropriately, a hedgehog.

The Hedge Witch has a special definition for medicine, as she runs an apothecary, not a pharmacy. She specializes in slow, conscious living. She prescribes a moment out of time, away from busy schedules and demanding emails. Life is too short to rush through, she advises us with sage wisdom.

She has gathered a sturdy library of forest secrets, of herbs and roots and patience. Her stories told around the campfire celebrate the earth, the self, and the cycles we all share.

Her candles and soaps are handcrafted using ancient methods and mindful, sustainable ingredients. Real ingredients. Ingredients that make you feel amazing and your home smell of wonders.

The Hedge Witch collects blackberries and mushrooms in dawn’s misty sunbeams. Her cozy den rests in a sunny grove surrounded by old apple trees, oaks, and lavender shrubs that buzz with bees all summer. Roses grow thick over the walls, their velvet petals caress emerald green leaves. Ancient cedars grow along the bubbling river, with birch and a lush carpet of moss. Grapevines twist among the beams of her rough hewn wooden fences.

She invites you in (to her very new Facebook group: Earth Berry Community) to discuss scents and inspirations.

Her den itself is made of earth and stone, grass, flowers, roses and sweet clover. The hedge witch’s home

A breeze sweeps in as the door opens. The merry flicker of candlelight illuminates jars and flasks of mysterious liquids, powders, crystals, and colors. Herbs hang in careful bunches from the rafters.

Welcome, she says.

Rest your feet by the fire and share a gentle moment with the crackling embers and comforting scent of woodsmoke and fresh baked acorn bread while your bath is prepared.