"Earth Berry Apothecary is a wonderland of enchanted products that sooth the senses and inspire relaxation. I adore every product I've purchased and especially love the cracking wick collection of soy candles. These burn slowly with smooth, spellbinding scents that gently infuse a space without overwhelming it. The artistry and alchemy that is evident in each product is remarkable, and one is quickly bewitched by them. The sensations of the lotions, bath bombs and soaps are delightful, and you can tell they are created with care from natural and quality ingredients that gently delight your skin and your soul." -Nix

"I'm very sensitive to candle scents and often get headaches if a scented candle is burning in a room, even for a short while. With these candles though, there are no headaches, just seriously the best scents I've ever smelled. I've had some of EBA's candles now for over a year and they haven't lost their amazing scents. I use the soap every day, too. My skin is as sensitive as my nose, but I've had no problems with any of the soaps I've tried. Love the honey ones a lot, but now I've been using Wolfpack, and it's great. Love this place!" -Becca


"It's very apparent that lots of love and time went into these soap and candle concoctions! Not only is there a wide array of scents your nose has never smelled before but always wanted to smell, but all products, in my experience, are long lasting and soothing to the spirit. My skin has never been so smooth, and I've never been so delighted to light a candle! Sustainable, imaginative, and magical all around!" - Cat


"These candles, soaps, and bath/body essentials are absolutely the most divine! Plastic free, toxin free, and clean burning soy wax with lead free wicks!! I have been a natural bath and body connoisseur for multiple decades, as I am extremely sensitive to petrochemicals and other toxins that are ubiquitous in body products ,and Earth Berry Apothecary takes the cake! These products are vibrant in texture and aroma, affordable, and they have clearly been crafted with the best of care and intention for people and planet! The coffee soap is my absolute favorite. A natural exfoliator, and the smell will catapult you out of this world!" -D


"Great experience and a warm interaction with the owner! She (Elena) totally took her time and patiently went through the scents and products. Soaps and bath bombs were great! However, the candles got me some real brownie points!!! Thank you Mook and Elena!" -Sid


"Love the bath bombs and candles! The bath bombs leave mine and my toddlers skin feeling so smooth. All the products smell amazing, I don’t even have to light the candle on my desk to smell it. If there was a subscription service for soap, bath bombs and candles I would sign up first!" -Tiffany


"The best body products and candles. I like everything I have tried. It is so nice to use natural products and not chemical enhanced commercial products. The best small business!!!" -Carrie


"Pure magic! Beautiful hand-crafted soaps and candles, enchanted with the scents of forests, cozy cottages, and other such lovely places." -Ben


"Earth friendly candles that smell great! Unique scents and creative labels." -Dan


"The best-smelling soaps, candles and bath bombs I have ever used! Can't get enough of this stuff!" -Shea


"Absolute best natural cold process soap on the market! Look out Dr. Squatch and the likes because Earth Berry Apothecary just wrote the play book on natural soaps. A++" -Steve


"Wonderful place with the sweetest people!" -Mario


“Everything has been a delight! The bath bombs were long lasting and smelled so so great. I love the soap. The candles are AMAZING!! Shipping was fast, everything was packaged well. Great products, fantastic ingredients and superb craftsmanship! Thank you!!” -Mallory


“Always end up exhausted at the end of my day “off”. I did get a TON done today…including some time for myself with a bath with an awesome bath bomb from Earth Berry and I got my hair trimmed! 😊🙌” -Tracy


♥ Your reviews are incredibly appreciated and valued. If you love a particular Earth Berry Apothecary product, please leave a review on that item. If you have a question or concern, please contact us directly. Thank you! ♥ 

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