From our fantasy forest to your home.

Our candles & soaps are handcrafted with love from the finest ingredients. We work to honor the Earth, connect through art, & ignite the imagination.

We love what we do. Our customers do too! Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Autumn in Mosswood Village

Welcome to Mosswood Forest, a weaving of stories and scents.

From enticing forest & sea, to musky earthy incense, to a breezy garden of fresh & floral, to tasty treats for the sweet tooth, berry, & citrus lovers, these immersive aromas bring an atmosphere of whimsy & adventure to your home.

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Earth Berry After Hours ✦ Crafter’s Potions

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Middle Earth Moments

One cozy, the other mysterious, these nostalgic aromas bring to mind another time, another place ~ creating a perfect space to let your imagination roam.

⛰Earth 🌊Water 🔥Fire ✨Air

What’s your element?

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Artisan Soap

Get bubbly with these exquisite scents and exclusive blends of natural butters and oils. Your skin will thank you.

Limited quantities!

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Cobalt Blue Reed Diffuser

A delightful flameless option! Choose from a plethora of Earth Berry Apothecary scents. Perfect for bathrooms!

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  • Welcome

    Hello. My name is Elena Bozzi Ardagna, founder of Earth Berry Apothecary. This is my love song to the natural world.

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  • Beautiful natural nontoxic handmade soap

    The Earth Berry Community

    Come behind the scenes, help choose new candle scents, design soaps, celebrate the beauty of the world, & connect with other likeminded people.

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  • Tales of Mosswood Forest

    Our very new blog will one day hold many interesting stories, recipes, meditations, and more. Like a good oak, everything grows in time.

    Mosswood Forest Blog 

Puddle: A Tale for the Curious

Birch is about the graduate high school, and doesn’t really get… it. Why we do the things we do. Why we stick to such schedules, why we don’t stop and watch the moss.

So, when the chance arises, she leaps through the reflection on a puddle to another world, right into a forest festival put on by the Trees themselves.

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