Happy HFII 20th Reunion!

Hello! 20 years?! Oh my stars the time has flown. I wish I could have attended but had been planning a road trip during this time, so I made this page to catch up. Please if you have a moment, leave a note about how you are and/or what you’ve been up to, what you love, what you miss, what you hope for, what bugs you, what inspires you, a favorite memory, a least favorite memory, a special adventure, a recipe you can’t get enough of, favorite scents (it’s not a strange question coming from a scent artist) or anything else that pops into your mind 🖤

Here are some of my answers.

I’m doing well, and it took a long time to get there. I had a baby nearly 3 years ago and post partum was rough (my heart to any other mums who have struggled through that, or still in it, I am open ears for you). I’ve been up to all sorts of things, but lately mostly doing parent stuff with my supportive spouse, building my business, playing in the garden, and healing everything that came up during post partum - which has taken plenty of time and energy. Worthwhile but tiring.

I love too much to list here. But. Exploring new places, relaxing in old places, endless forests, mountain tops, planting seeds and watching them grow, mixing new scents together, reading (Terry Pratchett & Tamora Pierce are my go-to authors, and Erin Morgenstern), communicating through memes, cozy rainy days, cats… the list goes on.

I miss hanging out in art club!

I hope for more empathy in the world.

Getting stuck in an IT loop trying to fix some internet buttons is something bugging me right now.

Nature inspires me 💚🦔

A favorite memory: watching the sunset on top of a mountain in the Appalachias.

A least favorite memory: driving in the Appalachias. So many sharp turns!

A special adventure: learning to dive on the super cute island of Utila, Honduras. What a whole new world! Then diving Michigan rivers and lakes. A most mysterious whole new world!

A favorite recipe: beet cake! I had a tiny bit of elevated cholesterol last visit, so I’ve been finding tasty healthy treats. The recipe is at home in Michigan and I’m writing this in Kentucky. Beet cake recipes are easy to find online, but I’ve altered mine to be more like decadent brownies that are actually very healthy. I’ll share it when I get home if you’d like.

And on that yummy note, I wish you all the best, and hope to hear from you!


Elena Bozzi Ardagna

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