Soy Candle Review - Ren Fest

Soy Candle Review - Ren Fest


Many long weeks have passed and the trees have begun to show the first signs of gold returning to their branches.  Each day the sun drifts ever so slightly farther and I am tortured by the light's mocking reflection, for each day is another without your embrace.  How foolish I am to say such words as we've never shared such a delicate embrace nor a touch of hands as this would be so forbidden.  

You met me at the festival, our eyes did at least.  It was plain to see for all that you were the princess, dressed so colorfully and regal.  However, my own dress can be deceiving for I am nothing more than a peasant who had stumbled on fine clothing for one day of festivities.  It was I who has caused you such deception, my lady, but how I have waited to find you again.

In my tiny hamlet there exists a small grove near the well where I sometimes go at night.  The stars have navigated my way to you but they have also taken me so far away.  At times, the stars leave me lonely and I am lost in the dark, but I have found one piece of salvation to free me from this poetic prison of darkness.  

While I had been searching for one small token of a reminder to the day our eyes met, I had stumbled upon the doorstep of a mysterious witch of whom the town had spoken very quietly.  She gave to me a candle that was enchanted with the strongest of magical forces and each time I light it I see your face.  I cannot explain it, my lady, but the invigorating aroma of her enchanted creation takes me away to another place where only myself and the memory of a different time exist, one where I was able to be someone else for a short day, one where the gaze of your eyes caused time to stop entirely.

That gaze.. I've seen it before somewhere, my lady.  How familiar it smells to be near this magical candle given to me by that curious little witch.  That witch.. something about her stare as well.  She looks at me as if we've too met before, but how could that be?  

My lady, I tell you this with trembling hand, I must confess that I saw your princess costume hanging in the closet at your witch house.  Maybe I was driven by the fleeting illusion of dreams and the mysterious visions they cause us to believe, but it doesn't take a lifetime to recognize the princess in you and I've seen it all along, my little witch.  Your enchanted candle is a gentle reminder that everything you touch turns to magic and the world is lucky to finally have a way to experience even a small part of that.

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