Soy Candle Review - Lavender Honey

Soy Candle Review - Lavender Honey

by MookFish

Opening the lid of a candle is an immersive experience, one that is second only to actually lighting it.  As a consumer, you pick up an 8 oz. jar that fits in the grip of your hand and look inquisitively at the label, much like I am doing right now to this brand new Lavender Honey Soy Candle by Earth Berry Apothecary.  I'm very excited to open this lid today for the first time and share with you my first impressions of this cute yet curious creation from our favorite online witchy shop.  A new candle is like a trip to somewhere else in your mind and its powerful imagination, so this should be good.

The lid comes off and all of my surroundings start to seem like the magical section of an old bookstore.  I'm greeted by this warm and inviting urge to grab a dusty book from the mysterious shop's forgotten shelves when all of a sudden a map falls from its pages onto the wooden floor.  I tremble upon picking up this remarkable discovery as the paper is old and burned at the edges.  It is indeed a map, yet it is written in an ancient tongue and I'll need a light to see better.

I light the candle.  It's soft aroma fills the air and I struggle not to be tempted by its lustful appeal.  The smell is gently alluring, but it maintains its mystery.  Funny, I can easily smell the lavender and of course smell the honey but they seem to mix to create something new for me.  It's enchanting, erotic in the sense of carefully chosen words spoken eloquently.  It almost mislead me, but I remembered that I have a job to do and this map has somehow ignited itself at the seams.  Words suddenly appear that weren't there before and a secret location reveals itself to me.  It's almost too late to memorize its location before magical blue flames completely engulf this piece of forgotten lore, but I memorize it entirely.  

For me, lighting a candle is more than choosing a mood.  It is the act of reaching into the darkness of creative blockage that illuminates before my eyes a story I never knew existed.  It happens to me each and every time I light a candle by Earth Berry Apothecary, I truly think she casts a spell on each one of her creations, one at a time.  There is intention in this product, one that is very familiar and ubiquitous throughout all of her catalogue.  I recommend this particular candle to those who seek creativity and have room in their imaginations for fantasy.  There is an old bookstore in your imaginary world too and one could only wonder what curiosities will fall from the pages of its books if you illuminate your room properly.

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