Find Your Own Way Out and Do it Boldly

Find Your Own Way Out and Do it Boldly

by MookFish

This year has been nuts for me. I had a son, I had a wild accident at work and also a brave return to grad school to study something I actually care about. The accident showed me great lows that I didn't think I'd climb back from. It slashed my career for a company I helped create and it still hinders me, I'm virtually left handed now.

The obvious thing is that I didn't see any of this coming a few years ago. I thought I had a solid idea of my fate and I was sure that some passing wind would just be there for me when I needed it, but that's not a safe bet for life. In fact, we live in a great field with all sorts of unpredictable weather. The only question is, will you smile and laugh in the rain when it's time for it to fall?
Throughout my life I'd had some wildly different jobs. Off hand, my list is something like: waiter/server, boat detailer, Elementary school teacher, ESL teacher, pickle maker, (remember that?) a professional scuba diver, a few other "jobs", a cook here and there, but now I'm also working for this sweet little hippy girl who makes candles in my basement. I believed in this girl from the start, not only because I have a crush on her, but also because everything she touches turns into magic. I'm watching our company grow and reach people from all over the country, all from the mystery of our quaint bungalow by the lake.
"Find out who you are and do it on purpose", Dolly Parton once said that. It's a great quote, but it's not enough. I say, "find out who each part of you are and lovingly grow each of them on purpose."
We are colorfully complicated things. We're like seasonal plants that bloom in our own time, under the right conditions. Some plants prefer the darkness and some the scorching light of the desert, all will flower when it's their time. In this season I'm a teacher again, although one who works from a computer. The cute hippy girl, my twin flame, is a candle and soap maker. Our son is an owl.
Thank you for coming along on this ride with us. It's a wonderful endeavor to start your own business from home. It's the old way and it feels very familiar.
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