Earth Berry Apothecary Scents

Mosswood Forest Collection

Visit our new blog, Tales of Mosswood Forest, for a growing collection of stories that explore these scents.


Brandywine Cottage  ✦ Wild Forest Cranberries, Sugared Chestnuts, Secret Glades filled with Blackberries


Butterfly Haven ✦ Gentle Milkweed, Soft Rose, Light Neroli, A Safe Space to Grow Wings


Dragon’s Blood ✦ Heady Incense, Ancient Spices, Rich Amber. Strong scent. (crackling wick version available)


Earth Mother ✦ Grounding Cypress, Spiced Plum, Bayberry, Ancient Forest Wisdom


Firefly Dreams ✦ Sweet Vanilla Cream, Chantilly Cake, Orange Slices, Sugar-Spun Clouds


Forest Spirit ✦ Evergreen Trees, Silvery Lavender, Warm Clove, Wild Ginger. (crackling wick version available)
Hazelnut Coffee ✦ Fresh Roasted Beans, Earthy Hazelnuts, Oven-Warm Brownies


Gnome Home
 ✦ Patchouli, Sandalwood, Foraged Mushrooms, Enchanted Forest Pathways (see Mushroom Hunting for the crackling wick version)


Green Leaves & Apples
 ✦ Tender Green Leaves, Crispy Apples, Sunshine Dappled Orchard


Lavender Forest
 ✦ Wild Lavender, Grounding Cedar-wood, Restorative Forest Shade


Lavender Honey
 ✦ Wild Lavender, Bright Orange Blossoms, Sweet Summer Honey


 ✦ Moonshadows, Woodsmoke, Ancient Scrolls, A Library of Wisdom & Wonder


 ✦ Midnight Lilacs, Alluring Honeysuckle, Serene Beauty of the Moon


 ✦ Warm Black Tea, Enticing Cardamom, Sweet Cream, Tonka Bean


 ✦ Forest Rain, Wet Leaves, Rich Damp Earth, Mossy Trees


Mossy Sunbeams ✦ Soft Rose, Gentle Geraniums, Dewy Violets


 ✦ Revitalizing Rain, Freshly Soaked Soil, Sky of Silver Clouds (see Storm for the crackling wick version)


River Spirit
 ✦ Cherry Blossom, Juniper Berry, Fresh Evergreens, Restorative Tea


Sacred Space
 ✦ Silvery Lavender, Mountain Sage, Cedar Leaves, Rosemary (see Unicorn’s Garden for the crackling wick version)


Spellbook ✦ Dried Rose Petals, Amber, Light Musk


Wishing Well
 ✦ Wet Stone, Musky Earth, Lush Moss, Lichen-Covered Rocks


Wolf Pack
 ✦ Pinecone Campfire, Black Pepper, Orange Peel, Howling at the Moon (crackling wick version available)


 There & Back Again Collection

Mist & Mountains ✦ Cool Stone, Woodland Moss, Earth, Curling Mists

Pipeweed ✦ Tobacco Leaves, Honey, Aged Oak


Crackling Wood Wick Collection

Dragon’s Blood ✦ Heady Incense, Ancient Spices, Rich Amber. Strong scent. (silent version available)

Faerie Dance ✦ Wildflowers, Eucalyptus, Birch Trees, Dew.

Forest Spirit ✦ Evergreen Trees, Silvery Lavender, Warm Clove, Wild Ginger. (silent version available)

Mushroom Hunting ✦ Patchouli, Sandalwood, Foraged Mushrooms, Enchanted Forest Pathways. (see Gnome Home for the silent version)

Storm ✦ Revitalizing Rain, Freshly Soaked Soil, Sky of Silver Clouds. (see Petrichor for the silent version)

Tavern Music ✦ Rich Sandalwood, Warm Honey, Cozy Woodsmoke.

Unicorn’s Garden ✦ Silvery Lavender, Mountain Sage, Cedar Leaves, Rosemary. (see Sacred Space for the silent version)

Wolf Pack ✦ Pinecone Campfire, Black Pepper, Orange Peel, Howling at the Moon. (silent version available)


Elemental Meditation Collection

Earth ✦ Grounding Nag Champa Incense

Water ✦ Refreshing Cucumber Melon

Air ✦ Light Jasmine & Ginger

Fire ✦ Warm Sandalwood & Vanilla Musk


By Scent Category (still organizing)

Forest, Lake, & Sea ✦ Adventure through hidden trails to secret green and blue spaces. Sometimes murky, sometimes bright and clear. Always exquisite.

Earth & Incense ✦ Grounding, meditative, evocative aromas.

Fresh & Floral ✦ A garden adventure, clean linen drying on the cottage lines, butterflies dance among the blossoms.

Tasty Treats ✦ Berries, Cream, Coffee, Vanilla, Oranges. Smells like food, but do not eat this feast of goodies!

Nature’s Spa ✦ Spa scents more attuned to nature, relax, rejuvenate, remember to sparkle.

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