Our other Story

The owners of Earth Berry Apothecary holding glowing candles


Welcome to our mom, pop, & baby-run shop. We are travelers, nature lovers, storytellers, and dreamers. We are teachers, lifelong learners, scientists, and magic weavers. We capture memories and distill them into scents. We often hear, "This reminds me of..." when someone twists the cap and releases the scent of a candle, and how nice their skin feels after using our handcrafted soap.

Earth Berry began with the desire to create something wonderful to remember our journey to parenthood, something safe and nontoxic for our growing child, and something extremely cozy. We started selling our wares in person and online, and continue to grow happily, meeting the most fantastic people and reconnecting with old friends.

A lot of intention goes in to each creation. Before making anything, we spend a moment centering and grounding, and inviting peace and joy into our space. 

All of our soap and candles are handcrafted in our studio in St Clair Shores, Michigan.

Blessed be,

Elena, Chris, Salem