The Burn & Ignite Bath Ritual for Change, Manifestation, and Empowerment

The Burn & Ignite Bath Ritual for Change, Manifestation, and Empowerment

Are you looking to make some changes in your life? This simple, gentle spell often has profound results.

Since I developed this favorite ritual over a decade ago, I had always performed it outside beneath the moon or sun. I recently altered it for a bath with possibly even stronger results.

This ritual is wonderfully flexible and has been used in group settings as well as individually. It calls upon the power of intention, which science tells us has very real effects. Studies have shown that people knowingly taking placebos can often produce the results of the real thing.

This does not discount help by professionals or the effectiveness of, say, antibiotics on a wound or medicine for mental health issues. We definitely support seeking professionals out on serious issues.

This, however, does show us that our minds are incredibly powerful. We can change many things if we get in the right mindset. And this ritual is designed at the very minimal for you to speak with yourself about the changes you want to make.

Again, this is incredibly flexible. Change it as your intuition says for your situation.

The Tools

  • small, blank piece of paper
  • writing utensil
  • candle
  • heat-safe bowl
  • a cozy bath
  • soap, preferably a salt bar
  • optional: an enchanting bath bomb elixir
  • optional: moisturizer, skin serum

Before You Begin

Hydrate. Stretch. Spend a quiet moment listening to yourself and what you want to change.


Light the candle with a pause of importance. Ask it to help you make the changes that you need to make. Appreciate it for its ancient power. 


On one side of the slip of paper, write I burn from my life.. and list the things you want to burn away. Fear, self doubt, blocks to success, feeling overwhelmed, whatever you want to get rid of.

On the flip side of the paper, write I ignite into my life.. and list the things you want to come and take the space of what you burned away. We know from ecological conservation that if you take out all the invasive species in an area and don’t plant what you want, the invasive plants just rush right back in. Ignite creativity, joy, self expression, self efficacy, confidence, poise, whatever you want to invite into your life.


Speak your spell aloud or silently. Often I speak to the Universe at large and the mysteries, but this time I spoke to the water of the bath.

Water is a powerful transformative element. It flows and swirls in rivers and seas with elegant grace. Ice to liquid to steam, it defies gravity, shifts in cloud shapes, and drops from the sky to allow life on earth to exist. And in a bath, it helps focus your mind and intentions. It hugs you and does something beyond words, but is felt in the soul.

Speak your spell, and light the paper with the candle. Place it in the heat-safe bowl as it becomes grey ash, then mix the ash into the bath. I dropped the burning paper directly into the water. The small tst of water meeting fire was satisfying and perhaps significant, but left half burnt pieces floating around. Do your preference, just don’t get burned yourself.


Salt soaps are especially powerful for this because salt has been esteemed for its cleansing and purifying qualities both physically and metaphysically. Salt soaps are also moisturizing, and last longer because of the large amount of salt in them, making them harder bars.

But any soap will work. If you’re looking to ignite abundance, try using a green soap for growth. Or if you’re looking for patience, use a blue soap for the calm strength blue carries. We’ll write a color magic post soon for more ideas.

Wash with intention. Scrub away all the things on your list. Pause at each energy center, and feel any blocks dissipating.

Begin at the crown of your head. Be aware, don’t use body soap on your hair. The pH is wrong and can damage hair. We will have shampoos soon. I don’t like wet hair before bed, so I used my bare hands kind of like a broom for this part.

Wash or ‘sweep’ away the items on your burn away list from the top of your head and your forehead/pineal gland, focus on cleansing your intuition.

Wash your closed eyes to see more clearly, your mouth to speak more clearly, and your ears to hear more clearly. Wash your neck with the intention of supporting your voice.

Wash your chest to clear everything laying heavy on your heart, and your arms because they extend from your heart area. Let everything you touch be filled with love.

Wash your stomach and clear your center of personal power. Spend a moment charging it up. If you’re like me, you sometimes overextend your own power because you’re a giver. Take a moment to intentionally recharge your power.

Wash your creative center, below your stomach, and send some love to your creative projects and daydreams.

Wash your base, further back from your creative center, and feel the ancient ancestral trust and strength of interconnection.

Wash your legs and feet, and feel grounded and sure.


Thank the water, and rinse as you finish your bath. Imagine the shower spray rinsing away any more blocks. Pause and ask everything on your ignite list to come to you. So mote it be.


To further strengthen everything on your ignite list, meditate while you moisturize, filling yourself with your intentions. Then notice what you notice later that day or the next. And remember that you’re stardust with a sparkle.

Do you feel a shift?

Let us know what you think.

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